China's SAIC Motors: 100 New EVs 2025

 Unprecedented Amount of New Energy Innovation

                      Source:  SAIC-GM MINI EV, SAIC (lower)

Hydrogen, Electric, Hybrid Vehicles

China's biggest automaker SAIC Motors plans to introduce an unprecedented 100 new energy models with its partners by 2025.  The new energy vehicles include hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.  The hydrogen and battery electric will have zero emissions.  60 of the new energy models will be SAIC's own brands.  10 will be hydrogen and 20 plug-in hybrid models.  

Beijing International Auto Show

The announcement was made by SAIC President Wang Xiaoqui while the Beijing International Auto Show is underway. It is the first large, in-person global auto show since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.  SAIC partners with Volkswagen and GM, both of which have big plans for selling electric vehicles in China, which is the world's largest auto market. The GM-SAIC partnership has already resulted in the micro-electric car, the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV which is enjoying monthly sales of 20,000 units in China.


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