Tesla Mega-Batteries Keep UK Lights On

 A First in the UK

                            Source:  Tesla Megapack Batteries

Tesla As An Energy Provider

For the first time, a Tesla UK facility composed of six huge, megapack batteries kept the lights on in Britain.  The breakthrough, renewable energy event happened this week.  The Tesla batteries helped balance electricity supply and demand and kept Britain out of the dark. Since March when the pandemic hit with full force, electricity demand in the UK has been very difficult to predict.

National Grid

The Tesla facility's six giant batteries store energy from renewable energy sources for use at times of peak demand.  A new computer system used by energy utility National Grid in the UK allows the company to tap into new technologies like Tesla batteries in their efforts to balance supply and demand. For National Grid, use of green renewable energy is crucial to reach their goal of operating the grid with zero carbon emissions by 2025. 

Tesla As An Electric Utility

Tesla was awarded an energy generation license in June in the UK.  Tesla's megapack batteries and its Autobidder platform (to place bids close to real time) enabled it to be the first enterprise to trade flexible power in the UK's Balancing Mechanism.  The Tesla facility is located in Dorset and is operated by Fotowatio Renewable Ventures BV and Harmony Energy Ltd.

Elon Musk's Energy Vision

For Tesla, CEO Elon Musk says his energy interests are as important as his electric vehicle programs.  Tesla is the global leader in EVs.  In fact, Musk says Tesla Energy has more room for growth. The CEO/entrepreneur focuses on three key elements:  wind and solar sustainable energy generation, battery storage and electric transportation.


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