Boeing's 777X with GE Engines - World Largest

 New Plane With World's Largest Engines

                                            Source:  Boeing

FAA Clearance For GE Engines

The Boeing 777X is the world's largest twin engine passenger plane.
General Electric GE 9X engines for the 777X just received FAA certification. It is the largest engine ever put on a plane. Its diameter is wider than a 737 fuselage. The engine is huge but very efficient. It cuts emissions by 30% and operational costs by 10%. This clears a big hurdle to bring the jet to market. After thousands of hours of test flight hours, the GE 9x has been given FAA part 33 certification.

Big Boost for GE

This is a big boost for GE.  GE has orders and commitments for 600 plus GE 9X engines.  It has delivered 8 GE 9X test engines and 2 test spares for Boeing's four 777X test planes.

Long Journey

In 2019, GE found wear in a part of the engine, which it fixed.  This will be new business for GE and Boeing, which expects to put the 777X into service in 2022.


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