Beijing Auto Show 2020 News

 New Flying Car Unveiled

Source:  Xpeng

Electric Vehicle Market Hot

The Beijing Auto Show 2020 opened today and it is a rare, in-person trade show event in the Covid-19 worried world.  The show stopper was the unveiling of a new electric flying car by the Alibaba-funded China startup Xpeng.  The all-electric vehicle has eight propellers and a capsule-like frame that can sit two.  It's one of a series of flying vehicles that the electric automaker Xpeng is developing.  The prototype at the moment can reach 16.4 feet in altitude.  Xpeng says the future of vehicles will include smart mobility autonomous driving features and other technologies that will create "a multidimensional ecosystem that will be very exciting".

China Auto Market Strongly Recovering

China is the world's largest automotive market and it is in recovery mode from the Covid lockdowns.  Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida, during a news conference via satellite from Japan, said Nissan sales in China have returned to levels set a year ago before the pandemic hit.  Overall, China's auto sales increased 11.6% in August with monthly increases for the past five months.  In February, during the height of the pandemic, they plunged 79%.

Highlights From the Beijing Show

There is a flood of interest and investments in electric vehicles.  The EV industry is booming.  There is also very strong demand for mid-sized and large luxury vehicles in China.  Among the global automakers at the Show, there is a general sense of cautious optimism about the future.


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