Unique Car-Bicycle Hybrid from Germany

 Global Bike Maker Canyon's Concept Car 

Source:  Canyon Concept Car 

E-Quadricycle Car - Personal Electric Driving Mobility

Germany's high end bicycle company Canyon just introduced a unique electric, mini concept car as an addition to its roster of top of the line bicycles. The concept is essentially an electric car - electric bike hybrid. The company says the electric vehicle is a one person, future mobility concept.  The vehicle can reach speeds of 37 mph and can travel on the road or on bike paths.  It is a unique, narrow, low to the road and very lightweight four-wheel vehicle.  It's a fascinating piece of new travel innovation.

Future of Urban Mobility

Back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, companies like GM and Chevrolet began as bicycle makers and then moved on to become automakers.  But today, a bike company creating a new car concept is extremely unusual.  Canyon Bicycles founder Romon Arnold has a cutting edge perspective on the future of urban mobility.  He believes that electric bikes are a big part of the future.  He also doesn't believe that full sized automobiles have much of a future for short distance travel.  Hence, Canyon's small, cycle-based car.  If Canyon takes the vehicle into full production, they want to do it with an automaker.


This is an electric, quadricycle car, a concept bringing together electric car and electric bike technologies.  It is small.  It's 1 meter high (3.3 feet), 2.5 meters long (8.2 feet) and 83 centimeters wide (2.7 feet).  It weighs 95 kilos (209 pounds) and has a range of 95 miles.  The e-car was just unveiled in London along with Canyon's new e-bike Precede:ON, which is a carbon framed, urban utility e-bike.  Canyon is headquartered in Koblenz, Germany.


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