Boeing's COVID Zapping UV Wand

 Licensed, Patented, In Production

Source:  Boeing

"Magic" Wand That Zaps Viruses Onboard Planes & Elsewhere 

Boeing has designed and developed an ultraviolet (UV) wand that quickly kills bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 in airplane interiors.  Boeing just entered into a patent and technology licensing agreement with Florida based Healthe, Inc. to quickly manufacture and sell the technology to airlines and others.  The device is handheld and, according to Boeing, rapidly sanitizes passenger cabins and cockpit interiors killing any viruses.  The commercial wand is designed to help airlines and other public access areas combat COVID transmission, protect the public and restore public confidence.

UV Wand Available This Fall

Boeing says the technology should be available for airlines to buy by late fall.  The new UV wand uses 222 nanometer UVC light that research indicates kills pathogens.  Boeing says an entire flight deck can be sanitized in 15 minutes.  It took Boeing scientists and engineers six months to develop the UV wand.  The Executive Chairman of Healthe Abe Morris says the UV wand can also benefit schools, hospitals, offices and "wherever pathogens go" by zapping them with UV light.


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