Lamborghini's New Electric Bike

 Road E-Bike for Hill Climbing and Racing

Source:  Lamborghini e-bike
Made for the Toughness of the Italian Dolomite Alps

Lamborghini, the Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs, just launched with Cervelo Cycles of Canada, a state-of-the-art electric road bike for climbing hills and competitive racing.  This bike is designed to raise the performance benchmarks in e-bikes and was specifically created to tackle the steepest uphill and downhill tracks in the Italian Dolomite Alps. This is the ultimate e-bike for biking enthusiasts.  It also comes at the ultimate price-point of $18,000.

Very Limited Edition

This e-road bike is the limited edition Cervolo Automobili Lamborghini.  There are just 63 bikes to honor the year that Lamborghini was established in 1963.  The $18,000 bike can be bought through Cervelo retailers and distributors.

Celebrating Racing History

The e-bike is dedicated to the Aventador SVJ, the Lamborghini racing car that set the fastest time record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife Circuit in 2018 at 6.44.97  Taking inspiration from the racing car's fast performance, this bike is designed for fast performance at every angle and is "distinguished by easy performance and handling".  The e-bike is being accessorized with Italian made, top of the line components including tires, wheels and saddle.   This is a new look at the future of e-bikes from a luxury car designer like Lamborghini.


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