EV Lucid Air: Tesla's New Competitor

 New, Luxury EV With Awesome Technology

Source:  Lucid Air exterior and interior 

Lucid Air Just Unveiled

A new competitor for Tesla in global EV technology leadership has emerged.  California startup Lucid Motors just unveiled its Lucid Air.  The EV is an ultra luxury model with ultra EV performance.  It has a highly advanced battery technology with an EV industry leading range of 500 miles in its special edition.  That exceeds Tesla by about 100 miles.  The normal Lucid Sky model delivers a 400 mile range on a charge.  The Sky also packs speed.  It can reach speeds of 200 mph.  Of course that's on a racetrack, not on the highway.  Tesla's Model S can hit speeds of 150 mph.

Sky's Technologies

The EV has two electric motors that drive the front and rear axles at 650 horsepower each.  It can go from 0 to 60 in less than 2.5 seconds. Sky has lidar and is ready for full autonomous driving when it is authorized.  For now, the EV has an advanced driver assist system, called Dream Drive, that includes lane keeping, adaptive cruise control and a driver facing camera system to make sure the driver's attention is fully on the road.  In terms of design features the roof is mostly glass.  And there's a 34 inch touchscreen that goes across the dashboard.

Green, Luxurious and Pricey

The price range for Sky is $140,000 to $170,000.  Experts say that Lucid Motors has targeted customers in the global elite category who might switch from a Mercedes or BMW.  A more affordable version priced at $80,000 will be released in late 2021.  For now, the company is accepting deposits of $1,000 for the ultra-luxury Sky with deliveries beginning in Spring 2021.  Lucid Motors says it will start manufacturing 40,000 Sky's per year.


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