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Lucid is an EV Brand to Watch

  CA-Based Startup is Hitting Stride                                                  Source:  Lucid e-Sedans New Buyer for 100,000 EVs & New Production Facility Luxury electric sedan maker Lucid Motors of California does not have the branded household name that Tesla does.  But technologically in some ways Lucid Air sedans out-class and out-perform Tesla models and other EVs, according to automotive experts. Very recently, Lucid Motors has made several moves on the chessboard against its archrival Tesla.  The California-based startup has just secured an order for 100,000 Lucid EVs from the government of Saudi Arabia over the next ten years.  The price for the Lucid Air starts at $77,400 with some models kicking in at $95,000, $139,000 and $179,000.  The final price-tag of this deal has not been disclosed yet, but it is going to be a huge payday for the California startup.  The Lucid Air is the #1 luxury electric vehicle of 2022, according to  Lucid is also expanding prod

EV with Longest Range - Lucid Air

  Record EPA Range of 520 Miles for Lucid Air Dream EV                                                Source:  Lucid Air This is the All Electric Record Range According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lucid Motors, a California based EV startup, has trounced the world's largest EV maker Tesla on range with a debut electric sedan at an officially rated 520 mile range.  That makes Lucid Motors the top winner on range on a single charge.  The win from the EPA for Lucid came on its battery electric Air Dream edition sedan.  The range win more than overshadows Tesla's highest range model - the S - which has an EPA estimated range of 405 miles.  Lucid plans to start building 500 Air Dream sedans with the 520 mile range.  That is a conservative start as Lucid is testing the market for the EV with the top EPA rated range of 520 miles at a price-tag of $169,000. EV Races The race for the longest range, most powerful, fastest, relatively inexpensive and easily rechargeab

EV Lucid Air: Tesla's New Competitor

  New, Luxury EV With Awesome Technology Source:  Lucid Air exterior and interior  Lucid Air Just Unveiled A new competitor for Tesla in global EV technology leadership has emerged.  California startup Lucid Motors just unveiled its Lucid Air.  The EV is an ultra luxury model with ultra EV performance.  It has a highly advanced battery technology with an EV industry leading range of 500 miles in its special edition.  That exceeds Tesla by about 100 miles.  The normal Lucid Sky model delivers a 400 mile range on a charge.  The Sky also packs speed.  It can reach speeds of 200 mph.  Of course that's on a racetrack, not on the highway.  Tesla's Model S can hit speeds of 150 mph. Sky's Technologies The EV has two electric motors that drive the front and rear axles at 650 horsepower each.  It can go from 0 to 60 in less than 2.5 seconds. Sky has lidar and is ready for full autonomous driving when it is authorized.  For now, the EV has an advanced driver assist system, called Dre