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Amazon One Day Package Delivery

Intense Retail Wars Fire-Up

Innovation and Ingenuity Prevail
e-Commerce giant Amazon's promised delivery of one-day shipping is expected to seismically shake the global retail industry.  Just in April through June of 2019, Amazon is pumping $800 million into its next day, package delivery project.  Amazon's one day delivery project is designed to turnaround its slowing sales growth with the kind of easy, quick delivery that's at the top of your shopping list. It's a retail strategy of innovation and ingenuity to lure customers.

Bricks vs. Online Retailing
Another battlefront has formed in the bricks vs. online retail wars.  Bricks and mortar retailers like Walmart have gotten a lot more innovative and competitive.  To the point that Amazon is racing to reproduce their physical stores for top selling product lines like books and electronics.  Amazon also is finalizing plans to let its customers return Amazon products easily at Kohls department stores.

Consumer Opportunitie…

Important Innovations Collection: Squishy Robots from UC Berkeley

Squishy, Droppable Robot for Search and Rescue Missions

Invented by Engineers at UC Berkeley
It's a round, mobile sensor robot that's capable of surviving a drop of 600 feet.  The robot is designed for search and rescue missions in disaster areas.  It's the invention of engineers at UC Berkeley.  For more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Squishy Robots from UC Berkeley: Disaster Bots Source:  Squishy Robotics For Search and Rescue Missions Round, squishy robots capable of being dropped 600 feet and su...

Important Innovations Collection: Tiny, Robotic Teeth Cleaners

May Be World's Ultimate Toothbrush 

Green, Clean and Neat Tooth Cleaning Robotic Tech from UPENN

A cross-disciplinary team of scientists from UPENN Dentistry, Engineering and Biology have developed this new micro-bot system to clean teeth of plaque and potential decay.  They call it CARs.  It's a crew of microscopic robotics cleaners for your teeth. A first of its kind. For more details go to
Important Innovations Collection: Tiny, Robotic Teeth Cleaners: Army of Microrobots Wipe Out Dental Plaque Source: UPENN's Microrobot Teeth Cleaners New Innovation from the University of Pennsy...

Important Innovations Collection: NASA-MIT Radical Airplane Wing

Shape-Changing Wing that Adjusts to Flight Conditions

Game-changing Aviation Technology and Fabrication
Engineers at NASA and MIT have created a radical, new airplane wing that changes shape for optimal functionality during takeoff, landing, cruising and maneuvering.  Behind the innovation is a new fabrication process that holds promise for other engineering construction such as bridges and blades for wind turbines.  This is important new innovation.  For more details go to Important Innovations Collection: NASA-MIT Radical Airplane Wing: Shape-Shifting in Flight Source:  NASA New Way of Fabricating NASA and MIT engineers have created a radically new kind of airplane ...

Ford's New, Smart Shopping Cart

Self-Braking Shopping Cart

No More Runaway Carts at the Grocery Store
Runaway shopping carts pose a danger to cars and customers at grocery stores.  Ford has invented a self-braking shopping cart that stops automatically to prevent damage.

Pre-Collision Assist System
The cart has a version of Ford's Pre-Collision Assist system. In cars, the system has a forward-facing camera and radar to detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the road and automatically applies the brakes if the driver doesn't respond to warnings.  The new shopping cart has a sensor to scan for people and objects and applies the brakes when a potential collision is detected. Ford says the self-brakeing cart can help prevent damage to cars, store shelves and customers.  They add it will help make grocery shopping less stressful for parents of little children.

Prototype & Intervention
Ford says one of the reasons they designed the cart was to demonstrate how important Pre-Collision  Assist systems are to h…

Important Innovations Collection: CubeSats Catch Space Debris

Trash Collector for Space

Tiny, Semi-Autonomous CubeSats
Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are developing tiny, inexpensive CubeSats to capture and destroy debris in space.  There are more than 129 million pieces of space debris.  And they pose a danger to space vehicles because they travel at such high velocities.  For a news blog on the satellite system, go to Important Innovations Collection: CubeSats Catch Space Debris: Tiny, Semi-Autonomous, Cheap Source:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New Invention:  Trash Collector for Space Researchers at Re...

Important Innovations Collection: Oldest Footprint Discovered in Americas

Footprint Discovered from Nearly 16,000 Years Ago

Scientists have just discovered in Chile the imprint of a human footprint that dates back 15,600 years.  The footprint has been authenticated.  It is the oldest footprint found in the Americas.  For more go to
Important Innovations Collection: Oldest Foottprint Discovered in Americas: 15,600 Year Old Discovery You Can Step Back Nearly 16,000 Years This is a footprint from some one walking or running 15,600 years ago...

From Coal Energy to Wind in 2 Seconds

Massachusetts' Brayton Point Power Station Towers Demolished in 2 Seconds

New Wind Energy Coming to Replace Coal Fired Plants
Brayton Point in Somerset, Massachusetts on Mount Hope Bay was the last coal-fired generating plant in MA.  It stopped production in 2017 as environmental groups pushed for cleaner sources of energy generation.

Landmark to Old Energy Demolished
Today its two, 500 foot cooling towers were demolished by controlled explosions in two seconds. The plant had burned coal since 1963. Anyone who has travelled the I-195 corridor through Fall River, MA over the Braga Bridge going to Cape Cod or south to New York City is very familiar with these landmarks of old energy. They are now gone and are making way for new energy systems like wind.

New Base of Wind Energy
The new owner of the property is Commercial Development Co.  They say they plan to convert the property into a multi-use facility, primarily to support off-shore wind farms.

Important Innovations Collection: Top New Global Innovations

Lists of Top New Global Innovations - 8 Book Series by Journalist Edward Kane

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To be in the know about the latest, top global innovations, you might enjoy taking a look at the 8 book series written by my fellow journalist Edward Kane and co-authored by me.  We just enabled them for free borrowing on Kindle.  For more information, go to

Important Innovations Collection: Top New Global Innovations: My Innovation Books on Kindle and Amazon Free Borrowing in Kindle Lending Library I wanted to make you aware that I've ...

Plogging Run E-Friendly

Plogging - Swedish Way to Run &  Pick-UpTrash

Global Craze - Run and Save Environment
This is a great way to combine running and help the environment. Plogging combines jogging and picking up trash on your route that you find along the way. As runners, we do this but this gives it structure.  The idea comes from Sweden and it is becoming a global craze for people who care about the environment and love to work out in the outdoors and care about the environment.

World Records Are Coming In
The combo of running and picking up trash along the way was started by Swede Arik Ahlstrom.  He calls it a pick and jog.  But his program has achieved a lot more than that.  The innovator says 10,000 are doing it regularly in India and 4000 in one day in Mexico City. This is about running with purpose and disposing of plastics along the way.  This is a great exercise for joggers.   It helps you to jog,.  By picking up the trash, you bend and squat. That burns more calories. I'm going to try thi…

Important Innovations Collection: MarsQuake

MarsQuake - NASA First

Interplanetary News
NASA's robot on Mars InSight and its instrumentation have measured and documented a seismic event on Mars - a ground tremor that they're calling a MarsQuake.  This is the first time that seismological activity has been detected on a planet other than Earth.  It's an interplanetary first and big news.  For a news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: MarsQuake: NASA Documents Seismological Activity on Mars Source:  NASA InSight Interplanetary First NASA's robotic probe InSight has detect...

Lego Braille Bricks Innovation For Blind Kids

Fun Braille Learning Game

Humanitarian Innovation This is inspiring innovation.  The LEGO Braille Bricks Project.  Braille Bricks is a game, a play tool to help visually impaired and blind children learn braille, while having some fun, just playing a game. This is important because it's fun for kids and many visually impaired people are migrating to audiobooks, which don't include the full library of books that braille does for users.  As a journalist who donated many hours of narrating news and books for the blind, I think this is important news.
LEGO The Braille Bricks include all studs used in Braille.  It's still compatible with standard LEGO systems.  Each brick has a printed character or letter to let sighted members of the family and friends know what's happening and play with the visually impaired child.  This new LEGO will be available to select institutions in  2020.
Inspiration for This Innovation This is the work of the LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group working w…

Important Innovations Collection: PTSD: New Detection System - Speech

NYU Researchers Invent New AI Test for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

New Test Based on Speech Patterns
The new, artificial intelligence enabled test for PTSD has an accuracy rate of 89%.   Until now, physicians have diagnosed PTSD based on self-referrals and one-on-one conversations.  This new computer program analyses the patient's speech patterns for indications of the disorder such as unclear speech and a lifeless tone.  For more details on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: PTSD: New Detection System - Speech: AI Identifies PTSD Based on Snippets of Speec h Source:  US Army Medical Tech Breakthrough from NYU School of Medicine Researchers a...

Important Innovations Collection: Drone Deliveries to Your Door

FAA Gives 1st Approval for Drone Package Deliveries to Google

Google Drone Package Deliveries to Start in Virginia in a Few Months
Package deliveries by drones in the United States has been approved for Google by the FAA.  Google is cleared to start drone delivery service in Virginia.  Operations are expected to get airborne in a few months.  Google calls it Project Wing.  The drones are expected to cut costs and time for package deliveries.   For more on this news development, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Drone Deliveries to Your Door: Google Wins First FAA Approval to Deliver Packages by Drones Source:  Google Drone Starts in Virginia Google is now on its way to de...

New Green Material for Cooling Discovered

Researchers from UK and Spain Identify Eco-friendly Solid for Cooling

Replaces Polluting Gases
Scientists at the University of Cambridge UK and Universit├Ąt Politecnica de Catalunya in Spain have come up with a breakthrough in refrigeration/cooling technology.  Plastic crystals of neopentylglycol (NPG) that when put under pressure is competitive with conventional coolants.  The conventional coolants in refrigerators and air-conditioners are toxic and when released into the air are pollutants.

Our Appliances: A Global Energy and Environmental Issue
Refrigerators and air-conditioners use 20% of the energy produced globally.  The vast majority of these appliances use hydrocarbons and hydrofluro-carbons in the cooling system that are toxic, flammable and when released into the air add to global warming.

Materials Science
To solve this cooling problem, materials scientists have sought an alternative solid refrigerant.  UK and Spanish scientists believe their plastic crystals NPG coolant system…

New Wrist Tech to Stop Allergic Reactions

EpiWear Tech on Your Wrist

Innovation from Rice University Engineers
The Rice University Engineering team calls this emergency medicine at hand at all times in case of a severe allergic reaction.  It's an innovative, wearable epinephrine delivery device for your wrist that the developers say works much quicker than the traditional EpiPen, that's halts allergic reactions with its epinephrine shot.

Small, Foldable Watch
This is a small, foldable, watch-like device with a spring activated injector that will deliver a .3 millimeter dose of epinephrine into the body when needed.  It's designed as a less obtrusive and more conventional alternative to the traditional EpiPen.

Function and Style
The Rice team is streamlining this prototype design to make it easier for people to keep what is life-saving medicine close at hand.  This device was personally inspired by one of the researchers who has peanut allergies and significant experiences from that.  The team is furthering their rese…

Harvard's Snake Inspired Robot

New, Soft Robot that's Fast and Precise

Made Using Kirigami - Japanese Paper Craft
Researchers at the Harvard John Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) have made a soft robot using Kirigami.  That's a Japanese paper craft that relies on cuts to change the material's properties.  As the robot stretches, the surface pops into a 3-dimensional surface.  It's able to grip the ground like a snake.  Their new soft robot is precise and fast. Harvard researchers call it Crawler.

Potential for Robotic Smart Skins and Responsive Surfaces
The robot's kirigami's shell pops up in a discontinuous manner.  The researchers say this kind of design control can be used to create smart skins and responsive surfaces with on-demand changes in texture and shape.  In essence, they control the pop-up and how the skin performs by the cuts and the curvature.  It's another in the rapidly accelerating advancements and innovations in robotics.

Important Innovations Collection: 1st Molecular Movie in HD

First HD Movie of Molecular Activity

US Dept. of Energy High Speed Electron Camera Breakthrough
The US Department of Energy/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has created the world's 1st HD movie of molecules reacting to exposure to light.  They used a powerful, high speed electron camera.  The scientists say this technology will deepen their understanding of the fundamental chemical reactions that are the foundations of life.  For a great news blog on this by journalist Ed Kane, go to
Important Innovations Collection: 1st Molecular Movie in HD: High Speed Electron Cameras Source:  DOE US Department of Energy's Breakthrough For the first time, researchers at the US Depar…                                                 The findings were just reported in the journal Nature Chemistry Nature Chemistry, 2019; DOI: 10.1038/s41557-019-0252-7

Important Innovations Collection: DARPA's Blackjack Satellite Program

DARPA's Blackjack Satellite Program

New Race to Space
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, is moving forward on an important project called Blackjack to launch large networks of small, inexpensive satellites into Low Earth Orbit to strengthen US defensive capabilities. The small satellites are more difficult targets to hit for enemy forces. It's an ambitious program that is showing a lot of promise.  For a news blog on it, go to
Important Innovations Collection: DARPA's Blackjack Satellite Program: US Pentagon Concept:  Large Networks of Small, Cheap Satellites Source:  Artist Concept of DARPA's Small Sat System Blackjack Up ...

Kia's HabaNiro Electric Concept

One of Most Striking Vehicles at NY International Auto Show

Butterfly Folding Doors
The vehicle is called the HabaNiro.  It's an electric crossover concept created by Kia.  The South Korean automaker says the futuristic car is the automotive equivalent of a Swiss Army knife , versatile and for just about everyone.

The Everyone, Everything Vehicle
Kia says they've designed this for city dwellers, off-roaders, drivers concerned about the environment and driving enthusiasts. It can even serve as a self-driving vehicle.  They call it the "Everything Car Electric Vehicle" with the design, engineering and technology people want to move around in, in the near future.

Compact SUV with Unusual Doors
HabaNiro is a 4-seater, high riding hatchback, compact SUV.  What really stands out are the double, butterfly door openings.  Also, the fighter pilot-like steering wheel and the instrument panel that spans across the front dashboard.

Technology Enabled
This concept is loaded with tech…

Important Innovations Collection: VW Concept Dune Buggy

VW's New Concept Dune Buggy

VW's All Electric, Off-Road ID Buggy
VW just unveiled its concept dune buggy at the New York International Auto Show.  It's all electric, all-terrain, with no doors, side windows and top.  It accelerates up to 99 mph.  For a great news blog with details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: VW Concept Dune Buggy: Volkswagon ID Buggy Source:  VW Electric Vehicle in the Sand VW's ID Buggy concept is one of the most fun new vehicles on displa...

South Korea Goes Green & Clean

SK's New Commitment to Renewables

Accelerating with Renewable Energy
South Korea is accelerating its shift to cleaner, greener energy.  It has set long term renewable energy targets. The government of South Korea wants to reach a goal of 35% renewable sources of energy by 2040.  That is about four times the amount of renewables they are using right now.

South Korea Energy Mix
South Korea is currently utilizing 8% of renewable energy sources as part of its energy mix.  They are highly reliant on coal generating plants and nuclear power for their electricity.  They hope to have renewable energy sources up to 20% by 2030 and increase that significantly by 2040.  The great news here is how many nations are setting schedules and agendas to make more renewable sources a significant part of the energy mix.

Important Innovations Collection: Vertical, Indoor Gardening

Your Indoor Garden - Fruits & Vegies Hydroponic 24/7/365

New Hydroponic Tech - iHarvest
This is very new technology that's patent pending.  It's called iHarvest and it's an in-house hydroponic system that can sustain up to 30 plants.  It's a vertical indoor garden that requires very little space, no pesticides and claims to deliver fresh fruit and vegies year-round.  To learn more from my fellow journalist Ed Kane's news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Vertical, Indoor Gardening: iHarvest Grows More with Less Indoors, Year-round Source:  IGWorks How Does Your Garden Grow? This is patent-pending hydroponics tec...

China Accelerates Wind Energy Use

Wind Power to Power Heating

World Leader in Wind Power
China is waging a multifaceted flight against carbon dioxide pollution.  It's pushing hard to cut carbon emissions from coal burning generating plants.  China is already the world leader in wind power generation with the largest installed capacity and rapid growth in new wind facilities. It's now promoting wind powered heating systems.

Wind Powered Heat
China just announced it will forward and promote using energy generated by the wind to help power heating systems.  Many regions in China experience bitterly cold winters and coal powered generating facilities spewing carbon emissions are big contributors to China's pollution problems.  China's top steelmaking city Tangshan just issued a smog alert as waves of smog are enveloping the city.

Huge Wind Potential
Experts say because of China's long coastline and land mass, it has about 2.4 gigawatts of exploitable wind power on land and 200GW at sea.

Important Innovations Collection: Italian Wave Power Renewable Energy

Huge, Industrial-Scale Wave Power Project Just Announced in Italy

Renewable Energy from the Force of Waves
Eni, the Italian oil and gas energy company, along with the power grid group Terna, shipbuilder Fincantieri and state lending agency CDP just announced their plans to launch a huge wave energy power project.  They call it industrial scale.  It's composed of wave power stations and they say the application is immediate.  For more on this breaking news, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Italian Wave Power Renewable Energy: Industrial-Scale Renewable Energy Project off Italy Source:  Waves off coast of Italy New Wave Power Stations Italian oil and gas ...

New Radar - Tiny, Cheap, Effective Up to 12M

Tracks Up to 12 Miles

Potential for Personal Security, Health, Drones, Self-Driving Cars
A tiny, low cost radar developed by an international team of scientists offers better navigation.  Developers in Saudi Arabia and Finland say it could serve as an avoidance system for unmanned drones and self-driving cars.  It could also be used as part of navigation systems for the visually impaired. They add it has potential for personal security and health care applications.

The new radar device was created by researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia and VTT Technical Research Center in Finland.  The device weights less than 150g and is powered by a 5V battery.  The team says it provides detailed information on the size, distance and speed of moving objects.  The tracking range is up to 12 miles.  Current radar are large and bulky. They tend to lose key detail information  This innovation doesn't. It's a low powered, small…

Important Innovations Collection: Fall Proof Electric Bike

World's 1st Self-Balancing Electric Bike

Smart Steering, Smart Motor, Smart E-Bike
Researchers at Delft University of Technology and bike manufacturer Koninklijke Gazelle have designed the world's first smart steering assistance system for electric bikes.  They say it's the first system that can help bicycles remain upright.  They designed it with seniors in mind to help them stay active.  But it can work for anyone and may cut the number of falls from bikes.  For more details on this from fellow journalist Ed Kane go to
Important Innovations Collection: Fall Proof Electric Bike: Very Smart Motor Source:  Delft University of Technology Innovation from the Netherlands' TU Delft This is the first system in th...

Important Innovations Collection: Hot Car at NYC Auto Show - Corsair SUV

Hot Car at New York International Auto Show

Corsair Electric SUV
Electric SUV's are very hot items at the 2019 New York International Auto Show, now underway.  Lincoln's new electric vehicle Corsair in the lucrative SUV category is drawing a lot of attention from the automotive press and attendees.   Lincoln says the vehicle showcases the company's dramatic transformation over the past several years.  For more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Hot Car at NYC Auto Show - Corsair SUV: Lincoln's Electric Iteration on a SUV Theme Source:  Lincoln Corsair Corsair The New York International Auto Show just opened to...

New Concept Car Getting Raves at NYC Auto Show

Genesis Concept Car: Luxurious, Small, Electric

The Genesis Mint Korean luxury automaker Genesis unveiled its newest concept car at the New York International Auto Show that opened today.  It's called the Genesis Mint.  It's a 2 door electric car, that's getting rave reviews from attendees and the press.  It's a small, luxurious, 2-seater that is battery electric powered.  It's designed for city driving.
Sporty and Futuristic The Mint is the size of a Fiat with a range of 200 miles and has a quick recharge.  It's futuristic looking, sporty with a minimalist interior.  The driver and passenger share a leather bench between the two front seats.  No word on price or plans for production.  But in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Genesis was spun off from Hyundai three years ago.  It currently has three luxury sedans available for sale in the US that are targeted at customers interested in Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

Important Innovations Collection: Free Innovation Books Borrow on Kindle

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China Electric Car Sales Soar

New Electric Vehicle Sales Up 85% in March

Byton Bright Spot
Chinese auto sales stalled and dropped for the first time in 20+ years in 2018.  But sales of new electric vehicles (NEV) are soaring.  Up 85.4% in March 2019.  An interesting electric vehicle contender is Byton.

The Chinese EV manufacturer says it's received more than 50,000 orders globally for its new SUV and plans to start production at the end of the year.  They expect to manufacture 10,000 units by the first half of 2020 and will launch their first production car in July 2019.

Management Shakeup
This amid a management shakeup.  Chairman and co-founder Carsten Brietfeld just quit and there are reports that the company is having trouble funding expansion inside the Chinese market.  Byton is betting on the benefits of local production to compete with Tesla and other auto giants.  The company says it's on track.

Global Footprint
Byton has offices in China, the US and Germany.  It aims to reach production levels …

Important Innovations Collection: New Drone with Foldable Wings

New Drone with Autonomous Flexible Wings

Flies Against the Wind
Purdue University roboticists have developed and patented a new, advanced drone with foldable wings.  The wings are designed on the flight patterns and wings of insects.  Unlike other drones with fixed wings, this new invention can withstand high wind conditions.  It's also more energy efficient and can carry heavy loads.  For a news blog with more details, go to

Innovations Collection: New Drone with Foldable Wings: Autonomous Wings to Withstand the Wind Source:  Purdue University Inspired by Insects Roboticists at Purdue University have develope...

Wristband Changes Color if Drink Spiked

New Innovation from Young Entrepreneur in Germany

Protection Against Date Rape Drugs
It's called the Xantus Drinkcheck Band.  A young German inventor, 25 year old Kim Eisenmann is the inventor.  It's a wristband that can test drinks for date rape drugs including GHB - a drug that causes memory loss and drowsiness when mixed with alcohol.

Personal Innovation
Eisenmann invented the wristband after a friend was drugged and found injured after an event.  To test a drink you stir it with a straw and drop a drip on the wristband.  If the band turns blue, it's tainted with GHB.  The wristbands are being sold in Germany.  Eisenmann wants to start distributing them globally.  A 2010-2012 US report estimated that 11 million women were raped under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Reviving Dead Brain Cells "Mind Blowing Research"

Yale University Breakthrough Research

May Lead to New Therapies for Brain Injuries and Stroke
Experts in neuroscience are calling this research at Yale School of Medicine "mind blowing".  Results that put into question the fundamentals of neuroscience.  Yale neuroscientists have restored basic cellular activity in the brains of pigs 4 hours after they died.  Furthermore, the cells were able to maintain function for six hours.  Their hope is this research will lead to new therapies in treating human brain injuries and stroke that cause cells in the brain to die.

It took the scientists six years to create a system to do what was considered the impossible - bringing dead brain cells back to life.  They call it BrainEx.  They successfully used it on 300 dead pigs they acquired from a nearby pork processing plant.  The scientists say no animals were sacrificed for this research.  Their research proves that brain cell death is reversible.

Changing Neuroscience
Until now, it w…

Important Innovations Collection: Bioinspired Control Systems for Self-Driving Vehic...

Brain Inspired Control Systems for Self Driving Vehicles

DOD Funded Research Led by Boston University's Team of International Scientists
The US Department of Defense has funded $7.5 million to an international team of experts in neuroscience, robotics, computer vision, algorithms and control systems to develop the next generation in autonomous driving. The focus is precision control systems and they are utilizing neuroscience to make this happen.  The team is led by a leading expert at Boston University.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Bioinspired Control Systems for Self-Driving Vehic...: New Autonomous Paradigm on the Ground, Underwater, in the Air - Based on Brain Research Source:  Stock Image of the Brain Boston Univ...

Microplastic Particles Found in the Air

Environmental Wake-Up Call: New Scientific Discovery in Remote Pyrenees Mountains

Plastic Particles Inhalable in the Air
Plastic particles found in the Pyrenees Mountains suggest they are now travelling in the air.  Scientists from the Ecolab in France and the University of Strathclyde in Scotland have found them in the air in a very remote area of the Pyrenees Mountain between France and Spain.  It suggests that plastic is not just polluting the ocean but also the air we breathe.

Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic waste, produced when plastics breakdown.  Many of the fragments found by the scientists were small enough to be inhaled.  Very few people live in the remote mountainous area that they focused on indicating that the microplastics blew in with the wind from a populated area 60 miles away.

Findings and  Conclusion for the Environment
Over a five month period, the scientists found 365 pieces of microplastics per square meter on a daily basis.  They believ…

Important Innovations Collection: AI Robot Artist Paints Moonscapes

Important Innovations Collection: AI Robot Artist Paints Moonscapes: Robot Created by Hong Kong Artist Source:  Artist Peter Wong and his robot's art at London Exhibit Paints in Traditional Chinese...

A Most Endangered Species Making Comeback

North Atlantic Right Whales Newborn News

Only 450 of the Species Left in the World
This is a remarkable potential species comeback for scientific researchers to witness.  The Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, MA has documented that they've spotted three North Atlantic right whales and their calf pairs in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts this spring.  There are only 450 of the species left in the world.  North Atlantic right whales are among the world's most endangered species.  No calf pairs were spotted in the Bay in 2018. At least one third of the North Atlantic right whale population is in Cape Cod Bay right now as part of their annual migration north to cooler waters.

Hunted to Extinction by the 1890's
The species was hunted to extinction by the early 1890's and listed as endangered in 1970.  They have high blubber content and are a valuable target for hunters.  3 mothers and their calf pairs were spotted off Cape Cod in the past week.  Experts say they gave bir…

Important Innovations Collection: Electricity from Snow - UCLA First

UCLA's Wearable Nanogenerator to Monitor Athletic Performance

SnowTENG - First of its Kind Nanogenerator
This small, inexpensive, slim device can be embedded in the bottom of a ski or the sole of snow boots.  It generates its own power and can monitor the athletic performance of skiers and others engaged in winter sports.  The device converts contact with snow into electricity, which the device harvests.  Developed by UCLA engineers in warm, sunny LA, it has tremendous potential to create the next generation of wearable devices to monitor athletes and to work as smart weather stations with no battery power needed.

Best in Snow
For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Electricity from Snow - UCLA First: First of its Kind Nanogenerato r:  SnowTENG Source:  UCLA Generating Electricity from Snow - New Wearables From sunny, warm Los Angel...

Important Innovations Collection: Be in Know on Latest Top Innovations

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VW Autonomous Software China Hub

VW Goes to China for Software Development

Software Design Hub for Global Autonomous Vehicle Architecture
For the design of a global autonomous vehicle architecture, VW is going to China.  In fact, it's making China its Hub for software development.  VW will use Chinese software developers because they are highly qualified and available.  Automakers are finding it hard to hire them elsewhere.  VW already has 4000 engineers in China and is rapidly increasing its software engineers there. This underscores the growing competitiveness of China in innovation and its educated workforce to help lead the way in new innovations. New information from VW executives in China as the Shanghai Auto Show is about to begin.

China Hub
For VW, the China Software Hub will include the development of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions.  Globally, the specific hiring difficulty for the automotive industry has been finding engineers to build the algorithms to teach cars auto…

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Engulfed in Flames

Innovation in Architecture Dating Back to the 12th Century

What a Tragedy
The heart of Paris is on fire.  Notre Dame Cathedral, the iconic church architecture in the center of Paris and favorite tourist destination for millions, is engulfed in flames.  It had been undergoing substantial renovations.  It dates back to the 12th century and, of course, was featured in Victor Hugo's classic novel "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame".  Sadly, doesn't look good, at 5:12 PM EST.

Important Innovations Collection: Wind Turbine Works With a Breeze

New Wind Turbine that Works in a Breeze

Just Patented by the US Army Corps of Engineers
Important Innovations Collection: Wind Turbine Works With a Breeze: New Wind Technology Source:  US Army Corps of Engineers Green Energy Gamechanger from Army Corps of Engineers This is a new breakthr...

Important Innovations Collection: Crowded Space Plane Skies

World's Largest Plane Successfully Tested in 2 Hour Flight

Designed for Lucrative Commercial Space Launch Market
The world's largest plane is the creation of Stratolaunch Systems, the company started by the late co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen.  The test flight this weekend of Roc, the world's largest plane, was a great success.  The plane is designed as an air launch vehicle for the lucrative commercial space market.  For a news blog with more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Crowded Space Plane Skies: World

Dream Chaser Space Plane Readies for Takeoff

2021 Missions to International Space Station

Space Utility Vehicle
Sierra Nevada Corporation's Dream Chaser space plane continues to go through successful milestone testing by NASA.  It's been selected by NASA to deliver and return cargo from the International Space Station (ISS) starting in 2021.  It's a reusable, multi-mission space utility vehicle that easily lands on commercial runways.

Fascinating Technology
The Dream Chaser is an autonomous launch, flight and landing vehicle.  No pilot is needed.  It has a high reusability rate of 15 times.  It's the only commercial space plane that is what's called a lifting body vehicle, capable of a runway landing.  It provides ground crews immediate access to the cargo onboard as soon as it lands.  And it will do a minimum of six missions to and from ISS starting in 2021.  It's the product of  US company SNC and their 4,000 engineers, scientists and software developers.

Important Innovations Collection: 5G Internet Pioneers: 50 Connected Cows

UK's 5G Connected Dairy Cows

Cisco Testing 5G Infrastructure Down on the Farm
50 dairy cows in rural United Kingdom are connected with 5G a lot sooner than most of us.  Cisco Systems is developing and testing its 5G infrastructure for mobile and wireless performance.  The cows are equipped with 5G collars that control robotic milking machines. There's a lot more technology deployed. The purpose is to track the ability of 5G to send data from sensors much faster.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: 5G Internet Pioneers: 50 Connected Cows: Very Connected Dairy Cattle Source:  Cows with Cisco's 5G collars Cisco Systems UK Tests 5G connected cows are engaged in testi...