New Molecular Surgery Innovation

Reshaping Tissue with Electricity and No Incisions

Source:  University of California Irvine, Molecular Surgery

Medical Innovation at the Cutting Edge
This is important innovation, medicine and science.  It's new, innovative "molecular surgery" that, if you have to have surgery, you're going to prefer.  It's just at the beginning stage.  But it can reshape torn cartilage without any incision only electricity.  It can work to reshape a nose or ear and even shows promise to fix immobile joints and as a noninvasive alternative to laser eye surgery.

Innovation from University of California and Occidental College
The innovation is from UCAL Irvine and Occidental College.  Here's how it works.  Tiny needles are inserted into the damaged cartilage and they pass a low dose of electrical current through the tissue, which makes it soft and malleable. A customized 3D printed mold reshapes the tissue. The tissue stiffens and takes on the shape of the mold when the current stops.

Low Cost Office Procedure
This is a low cost office procedure done in about five minutes with only local anesthesia required. It's in medical innovation at the cutting edge and appears to be a great alternative to traditional surgery.


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