Ford's New, Smart Shopping Cart

Self-Braking Shopping Cart
Source:  Ford Europe

No More Runaway Carts at the Grocery Store
Runaway shopping carts pose a danger to cars and customers at grocery stores.  Ford has invented a self-braking shopping cart that stops automatically to prevent damage.

Pre-Collision Assist System
The cart has a version of Ford's Pre-Collision Assist system. In cars, the system has a forward-facing camera and radar to detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the road and automatically applies the brakes if the driver doesn't respond to warnings.  The new shopping cart has a sensor to scan for people and objects and applies the brakes when a potential collision is detected. Ford says the self-brakeing cart can help prevent damage to cars, store shelves and customers.  They add it will help make grocery shopping less stressful for parents of little children.

Prototype & Intervention
Ford says one of the reasons they designed the cart was to demonstrate how important Pre-Collision  Assist systems are to help drivers avoid accidents or reduce the impact.  The new cart is a prototype at the moment.  It's also part of a series of Ford "Interventions": applying automotive expertise to solve everyday problems.


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