VW Autonomous Software China Hub

VW Goes to China for Software Development

Source:  VW autonomous electric vehicle

Software Design Hub for Global Autonomous Vehicle Architecture
For the design of a global autonomous vehicle architecture, VW is going to China.  In fact, it's making China its Hub for software development.  VW will use Chinese software developers because they are highly qualified and available.  Automakers are finding it hard to hire them elsewhere.  VW already has 4000 engineers in China and is rapidly increasing its software engineers there. This underscores the growing competitiveness of China in innovation and its educated workforce to help lead the way in new innovations. New information from VW executives in China as the Shanghai Auto Show is about to begin.

China Hub
For VW, the China Software Hub will include the development of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions.  Globally, the specific hiring difficulty for the automotive industry has been finding engineers to build the algorithms to teach cars autonomous driving.

VW says in China it will be able to do 15 to 20 million lines of programming code on an annual basis.  China is expected to be one of the first markets where autonomous cars go widespread.


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