Amazon One Day Package Delivery

Intense Retail Wars Fire-Up

Source:  Amazon

Innovation and Ingenuity Prevail
e-Commerce giant Amazon's promised delivery of one-day shipping is expected to seismically shake the global retail industry.  Just in April through June of 2019, Amazon is pumping $800 million into its next day, package delivery project.  Amazon's one day delivery project is designed to turnaround its slowing sales growth with the kind of easy, quick delivery that's at the top of your shopping list. It's a retail strategy of innovation and ingenuity to lure customers.

Bricks vs. Online Retailing
Another battlefront has formed in the bricks vs. online retail wars.  Bricks and mortar retailers like Walmart have gotten a lot more innovative and competitive.  To the point that Amazon is racing to reproduce their physical stores for top selling product lines like books and electronics.  Amazon also is finalizing plans to let its customers return Amazon products easily at Kohls department stores.

Consumer Opportunities
The retail wars offer a great opportunity for shoppers to shop around for the best deals and delivery options for you.  Experts say traditional retailers have been increasingly competitive and are putting pressure on Amazon.  They're using tactics like free shipping and free pickup.  In fact, Walmart is aggressively looking at free, one day shipping like Amazon and also fresh food delivery systems to your doorstep.


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