Reviving Dead Brain Cells "Mind Blowing Research"

Yale University Breakthrough Research

Source:  Yale School of Medicine - Pig Brain Cells Before (Left) and After (Right)

May Lead to New Therapies for Brain Injuries and Stroke
Experts in neuroscience are calling this research at Yale School of Medicine "mind blowing".  Results that put into question the fundamentals of neuroscience.  Yale neuroscientists have restored basic cellular activity in the brains of pigs 4 hours after they died.  Furthermore, the cells were able to maintain function for six hours.  Their hope is this research will lead to new therapies in treating human brain injuries and stroke that cause cells in the brain to die.

It took the scientists six years to create a system to do what was considered the impossible - bringing dead brain cells back to life.  They call it BrainEx.  They successfully used it on 300 dead pigs they acquired from a nearby pork processing plant.  The scientists say no animals were sacrificed for this research.  Their research proves that brain cell death is reversible.

Changing Neuroscience
Until now, it was thought brain cells rapidly died and there was no way to revive them. In fact, a basic tenet of neuroscience is the loss of brain function is irreversible when the brain cells are denied oxygen.  The BrainEx system involves 3 stages:
  • They developed a bloodlike solution made of chemicals that can preserve and restore brain cells
  • They use a device to circulate the fluid throughout the brain
  • They performed delicate surgery to isolate the brain and then connect it to key arteries and veins to stimulate circulation.
Their research is changing neuroscience as it proves brain cell death is reversible.  The brain cells were technically alive, although there was no electrical activity, consciousness or perception.


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