Important Innovations Collection: Electricity from Snow - UCLA First

UCLA's Wearable Nanogenerator to Monitor Athletic Performance

Source:  Stock Image of Extreme Ski Jump

SnowTENG - First of its Kind Nanogenerator
This small, inexpensive, slim device can be embedded in the bottom of a ski or the sole of snow boots.  It generates its own power and can monitor the athletic performance of skiers and others engaged in winter sports.  The device converts contact with snow into electricity, which the device harvests.  Developed by UCLA engineers in warm, sunny LA, it has tremendous potential to create the next generation of wearable devices to monitor athletes and to work as smart weather stations with no battery power needed.

Best in Snow
For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Electricity from Snow - UCLA First: First of its Kind Nanogenerato r:  SnowTENG Source:  UCLA Generating Electricity from Snow - New Wearables From sunny, warm Los Angel...


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