Harvard's Snake Inspired Robot

New, Soft Robot that's Fast and Precise

Source:  Harvard's SEAS

Made Using Kirigami - Japanese Paper Craft
Researchers at the Harvard John Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) have made a soft robot using Kirigami.  That's a Japanese paper craft that relies on cuts to change the material's properties.  As the robot stretches, the surface pops into a 3-dimensional surface.  It's able to grip the ground like a snake.  Their new soft robot is precise and fast. Harvard researchers call it Crawler.

Potential for Robotic Smart Skins and Responsive Surfaces
The robot's kirigami's shell pops up in a discontinuous manner.  The researchers say this kind of design control can be used to create smart skins and responsive surfaces with on-demand changes in texture and shape.  In essence, they control the pop-up and how the skin performs by the cuts and the curvature.  It's another in the rapidly accelerating advancements and innovations in robotics.


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