Wristband Changes Color if Drink Spiked

New Innovation from Young Entrepreneur in Germany

Source:  Inventor Kim Eisenmann with her Xantus Drinkcheck Band

Protection Against Date Rape Drugs
It's called the Xantus Drinkcheck Band.  A young German inventor, 25 year old Kim Eisenmann is the inventor.  It's a wristband that can test drinks for date rape drugs including GHB - a drug that causes memory loss and drowsiness when mixed with alcohol.

Personal Innovation
Eisenmann invented the wristband after a friend was drugged and found injured after an event.  To test a drink you stir it with a straw and drop a drip on the wristband.  If the band turns blue, it's tainted with GHB.  The wristbands are being sold in Germany.  Eisenmann wants to start distributing them globally.  A 2010-2012 US report estimated that 11 million women were raped under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


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