Important Innovations Collection: New 200 mph Flying Taxi

New Contender in Flying Taxi Race
Source:  Joby S2 Flying Taxi

Joby S2 Flies All Electric at 200 mph
Joby Aviation is a pioneer in novel aircraft designs with electric propulsion.  Founder, CEO and engineer JoeBen Bevirt has been working on the Joby S2 all electric VTOL for ten years.  He says 1 billion people commute more than an hour a day and flying taxis are part of the solution to giving them that time back.  For a great news blog on this unique, working prototype, go to
Important Innovations Collection: New 200 mph Flying Taxi: Joby Aviation - Pioneer in Novel Aircraft Designs with Electric Propulsion Source:  Joby Aviation's Joby S2 Quiet, Well Funded Sta...


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