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VW Flying Tiger News Update eVTOL

  Working Prototype of the Flying Tiger                                                  Source:  VW China VW's First Aircraft Design The world's largest auto maker, Volkswagen, has just unveiled its first aircraft design, in the form of a working prototype. Formally called the VMO and nicknamed the Flying Tiger, it's a state-of-the-art passenger drone prototype, designed to serve as a flying taxi to shuttle a maximum of four passengers at a time between big cities, first in China. The Flying Tiger is all electric and totally autonomous.  It's being developed by engineers, scientists and roboticists at VW China in Beijing.  VW believes that we are headed towards a world where everyone is a pilot, with or without a pilot's license.  That's the perfect fit for the self-flying drone, Flying Tiger. Tech Specs The vehicle is a state-of-the-art drone, powered by 8 rotors for vertical lift and mobility and 2 rear propellers for forward movement. It is an eVTOL (electri

GM's New Flying Taxi

  Cadillac e-VTOL Flying Taxi                                        GM:  e-VTOL Concept New Form of Personal Air Mobility GM surprised the world at CES 2021 by introducing a totally unexpected Cadillac personal flying machine.  It's an electric powered, autonomous e-VTOL.  The vehicle takes off and lands vertically.  It is sleek and futuristic looking.  It is a flying drone that GM calls a flying taxi.  This is not a flying car as it cannot be driven. Highly Advanced GM EV Technology GM has invested $27 billion into the development of electric vehicles.  It is utilizing its on-road electric vehicle technologies to go airborne.  The personal flying vehicle is totally powered by batteries.  GM's top of the line Ultium EV battery platform is likely to play a major role in the e-VTOL, which has zero emissions.  The four-rotor aircraft is powered by a 90 kWh electric motor.  It can reach speeds of 56 mph.  At this stage of its development, it is a one-seater and designed for short

Flying Taxi Fueled by Investors

Joby Aviation's $590 Million Investor Infusion Source:  Joby Aviation VTOL Toyota Lead Investor There's a flying taxi readying for takeoff.  Joby Aviation, which develops electric flying taxis, has secured $590 million in investment money.  Toyota is the lead player at $394 million, followed by Intel Capital, Jet Blue VC and Toyota's AI Ventures.  Joby Aviation, headquartered in northern California, has developed a very impressive VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle. Electric VTOL Joby's flying taxi goes up to 200 mph, 150 miles + on a single charge, is 100-times more quiet than conventional aircraft and has zero carbon emissions.  The vehicle seats 4 passengers, vertically takes off like a helicopter and smoothly transitions to forward flight.  The $590 million is the biggest investment ever made in a flying taxi company. Big Players eVTOLs are the hottest category of flying cars.  Six urban air mobility vehicles are curren

Hailing Flying Taxis in Melbourne

Uber Announces Air Taxi Test Flights in Melbourne, Australia & Deals with AT&T, Signature Source:  Uber Test Flights in Three Global Cities 2020 A lot of news from Uber today. Uber Technologies has selected Australia's second largest city, Melbourne, as the first international test site for its air taxi service.  The test flights will start in 2020 in Melbourne, along with test flights in previously announced Dallas and Los Angeles.  The test service will link central city locations with nearby airports. Commercial Launch 2023 The Uber air taxi fleet is electric powered and can be ordered on demand by customers through smartphone apps.  The fleet will have vertical takeoff, vertical landing and rapid horizontal flight.  The electric powered vehicles are part helicopter, part drone and part fixed wing aircraft with multiple small rotors.  Uber plans to provide commercial, on demand, ride-sharing air taxi service in 2023.  They also are exploring more location

Important Innovations Collection: New 200 mph Flying Taxi

New Contender in Flying Taxi Race Source:  Joby S2 Flying Taxi Joby S2 Flies All Electric at 200 mph Joby Aviation is a pioneer in novel aircraft designs with electric propulsion.  Founder, CEO and engineer JoeBen Bevirt has been working on the Joby S2 all electric VTOL for ten years.  He says 1 billion people commute more than an hour a day and flying taxis are part of the solution to giving them that time back.  For a great news blog on this unique, working prototype, go to Important Innovations Collection: New 200 mph Flying Taxi : Joby Aviation - Pioneer in Novel Aircraft Designs with Electric Propulsion Source:  Joby Aviation's Joby S2 Quiet, Well Funded Sta...

Your Flying Taxi Just Arrived

Vienna Style Commuting Courtesy:  EHang - Vienna Test Flight First Flight It looks like a helicopter at first glance.  But it's a lot more than that.  This is the first demonstration of this pilotless air taxi prototype that just successfully took off in Vienna, Austria.  The Austrian and Chinese developers say it's ready for mass production and commuter service.  The EHang 216 is at the forefront of autonomous air taxis readying for takeoff. Autonomous Flying It's the creation of  Austrian aerospace company FACC (now owned by Chinese aerospace group AVIC) and the Chinese drone maker company  EHang. It's a European first for them.  The vehicle circled in the air and landed safely after a few minutes of flying above a soccer stadium. Rigorously Tested and Ready for Flying This is a slim drone with 16 propellers.  It can seat two passengers, fly up to 90 mph for a half hour.  And, it can travel 50 to 70 kilometers depending on the payload.  The Austrian-Chi