Important Innovations Collection: SubT - Next Challenge for Robots

The Robot Olympics

Source:  DARPA

DARPA's Subterranean Robotic Challenge Gets Underway
The Pentagon's DARPA believes the next robotic challenge is for robots to autonomously operate in dangerous underground areas such as cave networks, tunnel systems and urban undergrounds.  Missions include investigatory work and search and rescue.  The purpose is to keep humans out of harms way. DARPA will kick off its Subterranean Robotic Challenge this weekend.  Some of the world's leading roboticists and their technology are competing in the Challenge which continues through August 2021.  For a great news blog on this go to,  Important Innovations Collection: SubT - Next Challenge for Robots: DARPA's Subterranean Robotic Challenge Source:  DARPA The Robot Olympics Are About to Begin The US Defense Department's Adva...


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