New Wrist Tech to Stop Allergic Reactions

EpiWear Tech on Your Wrist
Source:  Rice University Epiwear Watch to Halt Severe Allergic Reactions

Innovation from Rice University Engineers
The Rice University Engineering team calls this emergency medicine at hand at all times in case of a severe allergic reaction.  It's an innovative, wearable epinephrine delivery device for your wrist that the developers say works much quicker than the traditional EpiPen, that's halts allergic reactions with its epinephrine shot.

Small, Foldable Watch
This is a small, foldable, watch-like device with a spring activated injector that will deliver a .3 millimeter dose of epinephrine into the body when needed.  It's designed as a less obtrusive and more conventional alternative to the traditional EpiPen.

Function and Style
The Rice team is streamlining this prototype design to make it easier for people to keep what is life-saving medicine close at hand.  This device was personally inspired by one of the researchers who has peanut allergies and significant experiences from that.  The team is furthering their research to make this device less expensive, well styled and something that patients would really like to wear without broadcasting that they have a medical condition.


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