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Amazon One Day Package Delivery

Intense Retail Wars Fire-Up Source:  Amazon Innovation and Ingenuity Prevail e-Commerce giant Amazon's promised delivery of one-day shipping is expected to seismically shake the global retail industry.  Just in April through June of 2019, Amazon is pumping $800 million into its next day, package delivery project.  Amazon's one day delivery project is designed to turnaround its slowing sales growth with the kind of easy, quick delivery that's at the top of your shopping list. It's a retail strategy of innovation and ingenuity to lure customers. Bricks vs. Online Retailing Another battlefront has formed in the bricks vs. online retail wars.  Bricks and mortar retailers like Walmart have gotten a lot more innovative and competitive.  To the point that Amazon is racing to reproduce their physical stores for top selling product lines like books and electronics.  Amazon also is finalizing plans to let its customers return Amazon products easily at Kohls department

Important Innovations Collection: Drone Deliveries to Your Door

FAA Gives 1st Approval for Drone Package Deliveries to Google Source:  Google Drone Google Drone Package Deliveries to Start in Virginia in a Few Months Package deliveries by drones in the United States has been approved for Google by the FAA.  Google is cleared to start drone delivery service in Virginia.  Operations are expected to get airborne in a few months.  Google calls it Project Wing.  The drones are expected to cut costs and time for package deliveries.   For more on this news development, go to Important Innovations Collection: Drone Deliveries to Your Door : Google Wins First FAA Approval to Deliver Packages by Drones Source:  Google Drone Starts in Virginia Google is now on its way to de...