Apple's New Product AirTags

 Using Your iPhone to Find Lost Items 

Source:  Apple iPhone

Very HighTech Lost & Found

Apple is expected to release a new product called "AirTags" that helps the user find lost items using their iPhone.  AirTags are small trackers that can be placed on easily lost items like keys, sunglasses, wallets and handbags so that you can locate them with your iPhone.  There are indications that the product could be unveiled next week or at an Apple event in October.  AirTags is much anticipated. Some experts said it would be released in the first half of 2020, but it has remained in the Apple innovation pipeline until now.

High Tech Lost and Found

The AirTags product is expected to be similar in purpose to the stickers and trackers sold by Tile. If your lost item is marked by one of the Apple tags, AutoTags would integrate with the iPhone's Find Me app and track the location of the misplaced item.  Apple already offers software features that help you find your iPhone, laptop and AirPods.  The new product will expand Apple's high-tech "lost and found" capabilities to ordinary, easily misplaced, smaller items like car keys.


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