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Apple's New Product AirTags

  Using Your iPhone to Find Lost Items  Source:  Apple iPhone Very HighTech Lost & Found Apple is expected to release a new product called "AirTags" that helps the user find lost items using their iPhone.  AirTags are small trackers that can be placed on easily lost items like keys, sunglasses, wallets and handbags so that you can locate them with your iPhone.  There are indications that the product could be unveiled next week or at an Apple event in October.  AirTags is much anticipated. Some experts said it would be released in the first half of 2020, but it has remained in the Apple innovation pipeline until now. High Tech Lost and Found The AirTags product is expected to be similar in purpose to the stickers and trackers sold by Tile. If your lost item is marked by one of the Apple tags, AutoTags would integrate with the iPhone's Find Me app and track the location of the misplaced item.  Apple already offers software features that help you find your iPhone, laptop


Start, Open and Lock Your Car with Your iPhone Source:  Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing CarKey Just Announced! Digital Car Keys Apple launched its annual conference for software developers with a brand new and very convenient product - a virtual CarKey.  The system enables iPhone owners to start, open and lock their car with their iPhone.  The feature is coming with iOS 14 and with a new iOS 13 updates on iPhones and also Apple Watches.  You just need to hold your iPhone with the CarKey feature near to the vehicle to have it work as a key. Starts with New BMW & Expands The new system will work first with BMW 5 Series vehicles that start shipping in July.  Apple says that more car brands that work with CarKey will be on the market next year.  The new system allows owners to share digital car keys with family and friends through Apple's iMessage system. Mapping for EVs Apple also announced that it has updated its mapping application with information on the locati

Smart Phone Price Wars

Apple, Google, Samsung's Less Expensive Pricing Source: Apple New Phones, More Affordable Apple just unveiled its new iPhone SE 2020.  It's priced at $399.00, is leading edge and the most affordable smart phone in Apple's lineup.  Apple's new strategy is to introduce less expensive phones.  This is the first time  that it has done so since 2016.   Apple has two key reasons. In these turbulent times, consumers are watching their wallets and not as free to upgrade on expensive models. Also, less expensive phones attract new consumers and  Apple wants to grow its new customer base. Bionic Chip Some of  the features of the iPhone SE 2020 include  wireless charging, Apple's A13 Bionic chip, a home button, Touch ID, haptic feedback and a Portrait mode. Interestingly, it doesn't have 5G connectivity and no facial  ID. Bargain Phone Wars The new iPhone faces stiff competition.

Apple's Launching New 2020 Products

Redesigning the iPhone Source:  Stock Smartphone image 2020 New Product Launches Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, Apple is moving forward with a number of new products and product modifications. Of most importance, it's redesigning the iPhone this year.  Reports indicate 2, new iPhonePro models with 3 cameras on the back.  And the screens are expected to be slightly larger.  These smart phones will also have new iPodPro's LIDAR,  3-D scanning systems.  There are also reports that the iPhone 11 will be replaced by 2 lower end, 2 camera models. More New Products In the second quarter of 2020, Apple is expected to release a smaller, less expensive HomePod speaker.  There are also expectations of new versions of Apple TV, MacBookPro and a new entry level iPAD. Some exciting new tech to look forward to and check out.

Google's Big Plans for Pixel 3 Phone

Pixel 3 to be Unveiled With Fanfare Google's Pixel Dual Global Press Conferences Google will unveil its next Pixel series in October.  But the announcement is much bigger than in previous years.  It's holding dual news conferences for the international news media.  One is scheduled for New York and a simultaneous one in Paris. The press invitations went out a day before Apples 2018 iPhone presser. Big Expectations The high profile for the unveiling underscores Google's big expectations for this new Pixel series.  Analysts also expect Google to unveil other new hardware, including new Home products, new Pixelbooks and new Chromecast;  We'll get all the details in just a few weeks.