Start, Open and Lock Your Car with Your iPhone

Source:  Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing CarKey

Just Announced! Digital Car Keys
Apple launched its annual conference for software developers with a brand new and very convenient product - a virtual CarKey.  The system enables iPhone owners to start, open and lock their car with their iPhone.  The feature is coming with iOS 14 and with a new iOS 13 updates on iPhones and also Apple Watches.  You just need to hold your iPhone with the CarKey feature near to the vehicle to have it work as a key.

Starts with New BMW & Expands
The new system will work first with BMW 5 Series vehicles that start shipping in July.  Apple says that more car brands that work with CarKey will be on the market next year.  The new system allows owners to share digital car keys with family and friends through Apple's iMessage system.

Mapping for EVs
Apple also announced that it has updated its mapping application with information on the location of electric vehicle charging stations.  Apple worked with BMW and Ford to show stations compatible with the user's EV.


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