Ugo: Multi-Tasker that Can Even Fold Your Laundry
Source:  Mira Robotics' Ugo

Invented by Mira Robotics
Japan's workforce is dwindling by more than a half-million workers a year because of its aging population.  To fill the worker shortage, Japan is experiencing an acceleration in the development of new, versatile robots.  A great new example is Ugo, the creation of Japanese startup company Mira Robotics.

Remote Wireless Operation
Ugo is a state of the art, remote controlled Avatar robot.  It is composed of a pair of height adjustable robotic arms that are mounted on wheels.  It navigates with a laser on its base.  And it is operated remotely through a wireless connection to a laptop and game controller.

Many Uses
Ugo has many uses. Its primary purpose is to serve as a worker robot and fill needs in Japan's dwindling workforce.  It can work as a security guard, inspect equipment and clean buildings.  It can also serve as a helper in homes, for instance, to fold the laundry.  Given the global COVID-19 threat, the demand for robots is on the rise in order to reduce direct contact among people.  Ugo has just been given a hand attachment that uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses on door handles.

Robots For Rent
Mira Robotics says it takes a person 30 minutes to learn how to use Ugo.  They add an operator can control 4 Ugo's at a time.  Ugo can be rented for $1,000 a month.  It's currently working in Tokyo office buildings.  Ugo is part of the growing robotic workforce in our pandemic threatened world.  


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