Jet Pack Aviation's Personal Air Mobility

Source:  Jet Pack Aviation

New Mode of Flying - SPEEDER
Jet Pack Aviation of California is in the business of inventing jet packs as a new means of transportation for consumers and the military.  Their latest flying model - the Recreational SPEEDER, they say, is like riding a motorcycle in the sky.  It's the first turbine powered, fully stabilized VTOL (vertical take off and landing) personal aircraft ever built.  Because it is fully stabilized, very little training to fly it is required.  The vehicle is in the flight testing phase.  It is a brand new form of personal air mobility.

Consumer and Military Versions of SPEEDER
SPEEDER has a maximum speed of 150 mph, a range/endurance of 30 minutes and maximum thrust of 1200 pounds.  As it's a VTOL, it can take off and land almost anyplace and can fly up to 15,000 feet in altitude. There are two recreational versions.  An ultralight version that requires no pilot's license, goes up to 60 mph and is limited to five gallons of fuel.  Then, there is the experimental version that requires a pilot's license and has no fuel or speed restrictions.  This is not the travel stuff of science fiction.  You can pre-order these vehicles.

Military Versions
Jet Pack Aviation has also developed a SPEEDER for military and commercial use, which is also going through flight testing.  The flying vehicle is jet powered, very fast, small and can be piloted or flown autonomously.  The company says the VTOL can take off and land anyplace.  The military/commercial version can be swarmed, like packs of drones, with multiple SPEEDERS.  Jet Pack Aviation says this is the fastest way to get to a person or piece of cargo, particularly in an emergency or military situation.  This technology is part of the future of personal air mobility and a part of the future of transportation in the 2020's and beyond.


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