Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Cars

Emissions Free Mobility
Source:  BMW Hydrogen Powertrain

BMW's Strategy & Commitment
BMW is strongly committed to hydrogen fuel cell technology as an alternative to gas powered car and electric vehicles.  There are two key reasons:  hydrogen powered cars are zero emissions and require zero charge times.  In fact, BMW has unveiled images of the powertrain for its BMW i Hydrogen NEXT.

Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
The future of hydrogen fuel cell technology is big but the infrastructure to sustain it needs to be in place for a big takeoff.  Here are BMW's perspectives on what is needed to make this zero emissions technology go mass market:

  • Production of sufficient quantities of hydrogen for hydrogen fuel cells at a competitive price using GREEN electricity
  • Hydrogen fuel cell tech starting in long distance, heavy duty transport that can't be electrified
  • Extensive networks of hydrogen fueling stations in Europe to start.
Hydrogen World
BMW is committed to the hydrogen fuel cell technology. So is Toyota which has been working together with BMW on fuel cell tech since 2013. While the infrastructure and sustainably produced hydrogen supply are being developed, BMW is focused on reducing the cost and competitively manufacturing the powertrain system for the future of travel in a hydrogen world.

EVs and Hydrogen X5s
BMW is also bringing electric vehicles to the market in the near term.  25 EV models will be launched by 2023.  Concerning the hydrogen powertrain on the NEXT, BMW will pilot it in a small series of BMW X5s in 2022.  BMW expects to offer the NEXT for sale to consumers in the second half of this decade.  It's the future of travel that will be emissions free mobility.


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