Motorola Rolls Out Two Smartphones Under $200
Source:  Motorola Moto G Fast

New Budget Phone Wars
The global smartphone battle for your dollars just got hotter.  Motorola is rolling out in the global market two phones that are priced below $200.  The Moto E is priced at $149.99.  The Moto G Fast is priced at $199.99.  Experts say they have a modern design, big batteries and budget friendly pricing.

Bargain Phone Details
Both phones pack a lot of punch.  The Moto E has a 6.2 inch LCD, 32 GB of storage, cameras (main, depth and front), headphone jack and microUSB and a battery of 3550mAh.  The Moto G Fast has a 6.4 inch LCD, 32GB of storage, cameras (main, wide angle, macro, front), a USB-C, headphone jack and a battery of 4000 mAh.  They don't have a great deal of competition at their price points and could trigger a new round of product innovation and price wars at the sub $200.00 level.  The phones start shipping in mid June.


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