Smart Robotic Dining

Source:  Qianxi Robot Catering Group

Country Garden in Guangdong, China

The world's first robot restaurant complex has just opened in China.  The robotic technology is phenomenal.  More than 20 robots developed for different restaurant dining styles are operating in the 2,000 square meter modern restaurant space.  They have assigned roles including food preparation, cooking and wait staff.  They can handle 600 diners at one time and serve 200 menu items in as little as 20 seconds.

Multiple Robotic Dining Venues
The complex, built by Qianxi Robot Catering Group, offers diners a variety of  dining choices, including fast food, hot meals, Chinese food, noodle shops and clay-pot rice venues, all delivered in seconds by robots.  Qianxi says that with the global pandemic, robot run restaurants help reduce human contact and the spread of the coronavirus.  Chinese technology experts say that Qianxi has highly advanced robotic technology and a huge product lineup.  The company plans to expand their robot restaurant complex platform throughout China.

Siemens and Qianxi
Qianxi has just signed a partnership deal with Siemens (China) for the digital development of the smart dining segment of the restaurant industry which will include the first ioT (internet of things) platform.  This is another example of the rise of the robotic workforce.  And, in this case, a Chinese robotic company is at the forefront.


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