Johnson & Johnson Hope for COVID Vaccine

Human Testing on J&J Vaccine Starts in July

Source:  COVID 19 

New Glimmer of Hope
Johnson and Johnson just announced its accelerating human trials of its potential COVID19 vaccine by months to July.  The trials will take place in the US and Belgium.  More than 1000 volunteers aged 18 to 55, plus another group over 65, will be involved.

One Billion Doses
J&J says it will test a placebo against the vaccine to determine the immunity results and its safety.  The company has signed an agreement with the US government to create enough manufacturing capacity to produce 1 billion doses of the vaccine through 2021.  J&J Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels told Reuters:  "Based on the strength of the pre-clinical data and interactions with regulatory authorities, we've been able to further accelerate the clinical development" of the vaccine.

Ten Vaccine Candidates
In all, there are ten COVID vaccine candidates that have entered the human trials phase.  The drug company Moderna will start testing its vaccine candidate on 600 volunteers in July.  Moderna is the farthest along in the process.  But its vaccine uses messenger RNA technology, which has not yet been approved for any medicine.  J&J is using the same technology approved for its Ebola vaccine.  Some experts believe we are still 12 to 18 months away from a safe and effective COVID vaccine.  


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