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Robot, Mow My Lawn!
Don't want to mow your lawn during summer heat waves?  Let your robot lawn mower do the job for you!  A growing number of people are doing just that.  According to Worx, the company that manufactures the highly rated Landroid robot mower, autonomous robot lawn mowers are growing in popularity.

Loaded with Technology
There are a growing number of robot lawn mowers on the market.  Among the top rated are Flymo, Worx's Landroid, Lawnmaster, Robomow, Honda's Miimo and Husqvarna Automower.    The robots use artificial intelligence and sensors to avoid hitting obstacles.  A special perimeter wire installed around the lawn keeps the mower on the owner's property.  The mowers are battery operated, quiet and run automatically, based on the schedule that the owner customizes in an app.  And the companies say they are safe with children and pets.

Buy or Rent
Still, the robot lawn mowers are pricey.  They average $1,000, with some models as high as $3,500 and others as low as $800.  There is another option. You can rent the robot mowers. For a monthly fee, some companies will set up an automatic mowing system at your home and do maintenance on the machine if any problems arise.  

Green Technology
Letting the robot do the lawn is a great use of green technology at the cutting edge.  The lawn is cut to the owner's specifications and the mower dutifully returns to its docking station to get recharged for its next mowing session.  It's technology helping to make for the perfect summer.


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