Northern Russia's Intense Heatwave & Wildfires

Source:  Siberian Forest Fires in June 2020 via satellite image

Clear Impact of Climate Change Two Years in a Row
In June 2020, towns in northern Russia are experiencing sweltering heat normally found in the Tropics.  In Siberia, it's so hot wildfires are breaking out, pine trees are bursting into flames and peat bogs are stone dry.  In some locations, temperatures have hit 100 degrees (F).  Climate scientists are calling the Siberian heat wave a "warning cry" about Climate Change from the Arctic.  Experts at the World Meteorological Organization are troubled by satellite images showing that much of Russia's Arctic is in an extreme heat zone.

Blazing Heat
The extreme heat is fanning forest fires and igniting normally water saturated peat bogs.  Climate scientists fear that the intense heat and fires in Siberia are signs of even hotter and drier conditions to come with more frequent forest fires.  Those fires release carbon stored in the forests and peatbogs, increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the air that are warming the Earth.

Vicious Cycle and Pattern
This is a vicious pattern of heat now occurring in the Russian Arctic that makes Climate Change worse.  The numbers are staggering.  In June 2019 and June 2020, the amount of emissions from Russian Arctic heat waves and forest fires are greater than for every June from 2003 through 2018.  Sobering scientific facts on the accelerating impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

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