Rapidly Expanding Use of Ultraviolet Light Robots to Eliminate COVID Virus
Source:  Xenex UV Light Robot in Weston Hotel

Hotels, Public Transit, Amazon Putting UV Robots to Work
Ultraviolet light (UV)) has been used as a disinfectant in hospitals for decades.  As businesses start re-opening after the COVID lockdowns, the use of UV is rapidly expanding into the hospitality industry, public transportation and beyond including entertainment venues.

Beverly Hills Hilton
An example is the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, where 3 UV robots from San Antonio-based Xenex Disinfection Services are on deep cleansing patrol.  Xenex has UV robots deployed in more than 500 hospitals around the world, including the Mayo Clinic.  In two minutes the high energy pulses of UV light from the robots eliminate dangerous viruses like COVID by 99.999%, according to the company and independent analysis by the Texas BioMedical Research Institute.  UV works at the speed of light and provides a rapid, thorough cleansing that is chemical free.  The COVID virus can survive on surfaces for several days, spreading it to anyone who touches it. The UV light robots work in secured spaces without humans present.  Direct human exposure to UV light can harm the eyes and skin.

Kennedy and a Global US Robot Workforce
Xenex's UV robot Kennedy at the Beverly Hills Hilton cleans surfaces throughout the hotel, disinfects guest rooms and cleans guests luggage and packages.  The purpose is to keep the staff and guests safe from the disease.  The Intercontinental Hotel Chain is also using UV robots.  New York City's subway system has a pilot program using UV portable lamps to clean the subway cars.  Amazon has developed a UV robot and has tested it at their Whole Foods Chain.  And, PBA Group, a robotics company in Asia, has dispatched teams of UV robots "Sunburst UV robots" to clean malls across Singapore.  A rising robotic workforce of UV robots is being deployed to protect humans from the highly contagious COVID-19 virus.  It's an important robotic mega-trend.


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