NEW ROBOTS FOR THE 2020's by Edward Kane

Service, Home, Medical, Education, Workplace Robots & More

Source:  Amazon ASIN: B08BWZMS83

Source:  Amazon  ASIN: B08BV2YWRB

New Book on Amazon
I'm pleased to let you know journalist Edward Kane's latest book "New Robots for the 2020's" has just been published on Amazon and Kindle.

Top New Global Robots
It showcases the top new robots being invented by global companies and universities.  They include home, service, pet, medical, education, workplace robots and more.  These robots are changing many aspects of our lives.  Many of them will soon be members of your household.

To access the e-book, go to ASIN: B08BWZMS83

To access the paperback, go to ASIN: B08BV2YWRB  I co-authored the book with Ed.


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