China's High Speed Maglev

China's Maglev Train Prototype

Breakthrough Technology
China has a big win with its Maglev, high speed train technology.  Its prototype test vehicle hit speeds of 600 km/h (373 mph) on a test run at Tongji University in Shanghai today.  Maglev, which stands for magnetic levitation, uses two sets of magnets as the core of the technology.  One set levitates the train off the tracks and the other set accelerates it, taking advantage of the lack of friction.  The vehicle was developed by CRCC Qingdao Sifang Company.

Production Schedule
Production of the prototype system is expected to start at the end of 2020.  China says it will provide high speed transportation bridging the gap between high speed rail and air travel for diverse travel needs.

Collaborative Effort for Industrialization of the Tech
The project is run by the China Railway Stock Corporation in collaboration with 30 enterprises, including universities and scientific institutions.  Their purpose is to develop independent intellectual property rights for the 600 km/h system and industrialize the technology.  They want to create a Maglev network fanning across major population centers like US train systems such as Amtrak.


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