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SOURCE:  ESA Rocket Launch with Satellite onboard

New Tech, New Satellites, New Innovations
The European Union is accelerating the investment of more money into its space explorations, satellite communications and rocket launches.  Europe and the European Space Agency (ESA) have been very successful in space.  They want to increase their efforts and keep pace particularly with the US and Chinese space programs.  This, according to European Commissioner Thierry Breton in a conversation with Reuters.

EU Space Innovations
For the first time, the EU budget will be used to develop new technologies to launch rockets, including reusable rockets like SpaceX has developed.  Breton has several novel ideas to spur space innovation:

  • $1 billion euro Space Fund to support space startups
  • $16 billion euros targeted just for space in the next EU budget
  • Competition to provide free access to launches and satellites for startups.
Bold Space Plan
This is a bold and innovative space plan for the EU.  It includes rolling out a new generation of satellites in 2027 that interact with each other and provide more precise signals.  It also includes the development of a new Space Traffic Management system to avoid collisions with the increasing number of satellites in space.


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