World's 1st Drone Cleared for Heavy Cargo Trials

Source:  Ehang

Booming Drone Business
China's Ehang is the world's 1st autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) & eVTOL company approved to perform commercial trials of carrying heavy cargo in its passenger drones.  The pilotless Ehang 216 drones can carry two passengers, go up to 80 mph and travel a distance of 19 miles. It's now the first drone company in the world that is cleared to perform a series of trial tests with the drone carrying cargo loads of 330 pounds and more.

Global Market Size
Ehang founder and CEO Hu Huazi says the Chinese regulatory authority's clearance will accelerate the commercialization of  AAV/eVTOL technology and air mobility solutions for logistics. He adds it's a foundation for the world to establish a coordinated and sustainable regulatory environment.  The global market potential for eVTOLs is huge.  Morgan Stanley estimates it at $1.5 Trillion by 2040.  30% of the market share is forecast to belong to China.

Global Drone Businesses
Ehang 216 was developed by the Ehang drone company along with the Austrian aeronautics company FACC.  It made its debut in Vienna in April 2019 and successfully carries passengers on its test flights. A number of e-commerce giants like Amazon are experimenting with drone deliveries.  Google's Wing drone delivery service has been using drones to deliver vital supplies and medicine to residents of Virginia during the pandemic.  But these drones are much smaller than Ehang 216.  They can't carry passengers or heavy cargo loads.

Drone Hotel
For Ehang, deploying autonomous drones for logistical applications is a huge business opportunity on top of deploying the Ehang 216 as a flying taxi for passengers.  Ehang is also pursuing a new business line.  It's partnering with China's LN Holdings to create the world's 1st passenger-drone themed hotel.  The guest package will include the opportunity to travel in an Ehang 216 flying taxi.


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