Watch, Fitness/Health Tracker & Phone

Source:  Oshen Watch

New, Connected Smart Device
OshenWatch Gen 2 is a top smartwatch that can help you meet your fitness and health goals while staying connected.  The watch is equipped with biosensors that automatically measure your blood
pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and even the quality of your sleep.  The smartwatch is the invention of Oshen Watch, a company headquartered in Hong Kong.

Exercise App and Advanced Bluetooth
The watch helps the wearer calibrate their exercise.  For instance, during a run, apps calculate distance, number of steps and the 
amount of calories burned.  The watch also keeps the wearer constantly connected.  It uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology to wirelessly connect with any Android or iOS device.  It provides phone calls and text messages.  The battery provides 96 hours of use and there are 15 days of standby time.  And, it's priced starting at $49.95


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