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Watch, Fitness/Health Tracker & Phone Source:  Oshen Watch New, Connected Smart Device OshenWatch Gen 2 is a top smartwatch that can help you meet your fitness and health goals while staying connected.  The watch is equipped with biosensors that automatically measure your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and even the quality of your sleep.  The smartwatch is the invention of Oshen Watch, a company headquartered in Hong Kong. Exercise App and Advanced Bluetooth The watch helps the wearer calibrate their exercise.  For instance, during a run, apps calculate distance, number of steps and the  amount of calories burned.  The watch also keeps the wearer constantly connected.  It uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology to wirelessly connect with any Android or iOS device.  It provides phone calls and text messages.  The battery provides 96 hours of use and there are 15 days of standby time.  And, it's priced starting at $49.95

New Smartwatch That's Really Smart

VOIXATCH with Bluetooth Headset Built-In Source:  VOIXATCH Watch with Artificial Intelligence and a Voice The VOIXATCH smartwatch's capabilities seem endless.  It has all the functionality of a smartphone on a cellular enabled smartwatch with a built-in Bluetooth headset.  You can detach the headset from the watch with the press of a button and place it around your ear.  It enables you to answer calls coming in over your smartwatch. You can also listen to music, other audio sources and send voice texts.  And, that's not all. Multitasking Smartwatch VOIXATCH has a heartbeat sensor, a gyroscope, GPS, LTE, Google Voice Assistant and its own Google voice assistant. It also has its own SIM Card. Lots of Battery Time The system has a battery life of 48 hours. And, the headset can be instantly recharged by anchoring it back inside the watch.  You can even provide voice commands through the watch's artificial intelligence.  It's available on Kicks

Swimming AR Goggles

New Augmented Reality Tech with Real Time Metrics For Swimmers Source:  FORM Swim Goggles Swimming Goggles with a Smart Display This gadget is brand new innovation for serious swimmers.  The FORM Swim Goggles use augmented reality to let the swimmer know their performance data in real time. This is a swim goggle with a smart display.  Up until now, most competitive swimmers have used a display on their wrist to check metrics, which can break their stride when viewing. Bluetooth-Smartphone Enabled for Specific Data The device has a transparent projection screen that displays metrics like split time, distance, strokes and a lot more data in real-time.  The screen can be placed and viewed over either eye.  And you can select what metrics you want to see for each swimming round.  You can program the system by a Bluetooth paired Smartphone for the data you want.  It's priced at $199.00

Important Innovations Collection: Ski Goggles with Music

World's 1st Ski Mask with Audio through Bone Conduction Source:  Bone Tech IceBRKR by Bone Tech IceBRKR is the world's first ski mask with bone audio conduction.  It allows you to safely listen to music while hearing the ambient sound around you while you're skiing or snowboarding. It also includes a Bluetooth Intercom to stay connected with friends while you're on the slopes.  It's a unique new invention that is voice activated and hands free.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Ski Goggles with Music : World's 1st Ski Mask with Bone Audio Conduction Source:  Bone Tech Lets You Stay in Touch with Friends While on the Slopes This ...