Highly Advanced, Connected, Responsive Robots

Qualcomm's RB5 System
Source:  Qualcomm RB5 Robotic System

New Tech from Qualcomm

San Diego-based mobile chipmaker Qualcomm has introduced revolutionary new technology for robots and drones.  It is the first 5G system with hardware, software and tools for advanced robots.  It's called the RB5 system. Empowering robots and drones with 5G connectivity takes them to the next level of connectivity, quickness and responsiveness.  5G is not just for smartphones anymore!

New Enabling Technologies

RB5 uses new Qualcomm technologies.  For instance, it uses the company's new QRB5165 processor for robots.  And it has a companion module for 4G LTE and 5G connectivity through Qualcomm's X55 modem, which is also used in smartphones.

Creativity Built-In

The RB5 has a tremendous amount of artificial intelligence built-in to enable robot and drone developers to create machines that are more responsive, smart and fast.  Qualcomm expects this technology to reach into the consumer, business, industrial, defense and professional services market for more customized, smarter, faster robotic solutions that are easy to use.

One-Stop Robotic Shopping

According to Dev Singh, who is head of Qualcomm's Robotics, Drone and Intelligent Machine Business, any robot - whether it's a $200 personal robot or a $2 Million industrial robot needs these critical capabilities:  sensing, thinking, acting and communicating.  Singh says Qualcomm's processor RB5 "packs all of that together".

This is a look at the future of robotics in your personal and business life.  


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