All-Electric Cesna Grand Caravan Takes Flight

Source:  MagniX

Retrofitted, Electric Cessna Commuter Plane
A Cessna commuter plane, retrofitted to be all electric powered, has been successfully test flown in Washington state.  It is the biggest electric plane now flying.  It's the invention of electric motor maker MagniX of Redmond, Washington and flight testing contractor AeroTEC.  They converted a 9 passenger, single engine Cessna 208B Grand Caravan into an electric plane that flies on battery power.

"Electric Flight Is Here"
In its test flight, the Cessna Grand Caravan flew for 30 minutes and made a picture perfect landing.  AeroTEC CEO Lee Human says the demonstration proves "electric flight is here today." The two companies hope to have FAA approval of their all electric aircraft by late 2021 in order to begin commercial operations.

Proof of e-Flying
The flight of this electric plane establishes several aviation milestones.  It is proof that green electric flying can perform and do so admirably.  It provides a stepping stone to new designs of electric commercial airliners.  And it is a model of successfully converting an aircraft from fossil fuel to electric power,

"Puddle Jumper" Charges Like an Electric Car
The retrofitted Cessna "Puddle Jumper" recharges like an electric car in about a half hour.  It has a range of 100 miles and a cruising speed of 214 mph.  MagniX and AeroTEC say electrifying existing planes is a faster and cheaper way to get to market. They add the cost of operating the e-Cessna could be 50% less than that of a conventional fuel aircraft.  Their top priority for e-planes is the development of lighter, more powerful batteries with longer range. The Cessna Grand Caravan e-plane is a look at the very near future of clean, green, electric flying.


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