Personal Helper & Companion

Source:  Samsung's Ballie

Small Robot with Big Tech
Samsung has invented a life-companion robot that is the size of a tennis ball.  The name is Ballie.  The robot is designed to understand, support and react to the needs of the owner.  Ballie is small, round, rolls and is customized to work in households.  Samsung says it can function as a security robot, senior helper, fitness assistant and friend to kids and pets.  The robot responds to commands, like "Come" with chime sounds and obeys.

Connectivity With Other Smart Devices
This little robot has big technology powering it.  It has built in artificial intelligence capabilities.  Ballie uses sensors and data that it gathers within the home to create personalized, immersive experiences for the owner.  Incredibly, the tiny robot can connect with and control other smart devices in the home.  This is cutting edge robotic technology designed to help improve the daily life of the owner.  And it's the size of a tennis ball!  Samsung is continuing to build Ballie's capabilities to include functions like turning on the TV, opening the curtains and commanding a robot vacuum to clean the rugs.  Samsung has not yet set a release date or price.


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