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Personal Helper & Companion Source:  Samsung's Ballie Small Robot with Big Tech Samsung has invented a life-companion robot that is the size of a tennis ball.  The name is Ballie.  The robot is designed to understand, support and react to the needs of the owner.  Ballie is small, round, rolls and is customized to work in households.  Samsung says it can function as a security robot, senior helper, fitness assistant and friend to kids and pets.  The robot responds to commands, like "Come" with chime sounds and obeys. Connectivity With Other Smart Devices This little robot has big technology powering it.  It has built in artificial intelligence capabilities.  Ballie uses sensors and data that it gathers within the home to create personalized, immersive experiences for the owner.  Incredibly, the tiny robot can connect with and control other smart devices in the home.  This is cutting edge robotic technology designed to help improve the daily life of the o

Robotic Playmate for Cats Home Alone

Ebo CatPal: Robotic Companion for Your Cat Real-Time Monitor and Playmate for Home Alone Cats It's called the Ebo CatPal.  The device is designed to keep your pet cat happy, occupied and prevent boredom by providing the cat with fun interaction and exercise with a smart, robotic companion. This robot is loaded with advanced technology: CatPal has AI algorithms to detect the cat's mood and adapt to the cat's style of play It connects to WiFi to enable the owners to monitor the cat with sound and video, providing access anywhere There's a 1080p HD camera to live stream the cat Ebo's movements are autonomous and it can wheel, roll and dance on its own with the assistance of collision sensors Ebo's eyes, sounds and movements mimic real-life play It self-returns to its charging block to recharge when needed Cat-Proof Ebo is ruggedly cat-proof and round.  After scanning a room for obstacles, it rolls about on its own power, makes noises a

Important Innovations Collection: New Home Care Companion Robot from Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker's New Health Care Companion Smart Device Pria Stanley Black and Deckers is a distinguished tool and outdoor device company that is now moving into smart devices for patient care at home and in clinical environments.  It just unveiled Pria, a home health care and companion robot produced by its new STANLEY Healthcare division.  For a news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Home Care Companion Robot from Stanley Black &... : Stanley Black & Decker's Pria Source:  Stanley Black & Decker's Pria Helper Robot Designed to Enhance Patient Lifest...

UBTECH of China's New Robotic AI Innovation

UBTECH's Two Advanced Robots Debuted at CES 2019 Source:  UBTECH's Walker Walker and Cruzr UBTECH has unveiled a pair of new, advanced robots.  They are new versions of the company's Walker bipedal humanoid robot and Cruzr.  Cruzr is a cloud-based, intelligent service robot.  The company says its performance and reliability have been greatly improved.  Walker, as you can see in the photo, now has arms and hands and seems to enjoy piano music. UBTECH is a leading, global AI and humanoid robotics company based in China. The new robots are enabled by advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology. Retail Cruzr Source:  UBTECH's Cruzr Customers' Service Bot UBTECH says the robots are specifically designed to enhance the home and retail environments. Cruzr has servo motors, a powerful processor and a redesigned audio chamber for better sound quality.  It's started working in retail stores in Europe to help customers.  It's available for

Japan's New Companion Robot

Lovot - Fun Robotic Innovation with a Trust Building Mission Source:  Groove X's Lovot Adorable Competitor for Sony's Aibo Japanese robotic inventors are calling it an affectionate companion robot.  It's named Lovot, an amalgam for love and robot.  It just was launched today in Tokyo.  Japanese startup Groove X created the little robot.  Founder and CEO Kaname Hayashi is a former roboticist with Softbank Robotics of Japan.  The little robot is as cute and AI-smart as it gets. It also has a big purpose:  to build trust between humans and machines. Incredible Robotic Tech Lovot has a thermographic camera on its head to track motion around it.  It pays close attention to detailed facial expressions, hand gestures and posture.  It contains a high powered computer system. And besides it role as a pet/companion, it can also serve as a surveillance camera or baby monitor.  A pair of 2 are priced at 598,000 yen or $5212 with delivery in fall or winter of 2019. New Pet