Japan's New Companion Robot

Lovot - Fun Robotic Innovation with a Trust Building Mission

Source:  Groove X's Lovot

Adorable Competitor for Sony's Aibo
Japanese robotic inventors are calling it an affectionate companion robot.  It's named Lovot, an amalgam for love and robot.  It just was launched today in Tokyo.  Japanese startup Groove X created the little robot.  Founder and CEO Kaname Hayashi is a former roboticist with Softbank Robotics of Japan.  The little robot is as cute and AI-smart as it gets. It also has a big purpose:  to build trust between humans and machines.

Incredible Robotic Tech
Lovot has a thermographic camera on its head to track motion around it.  It pays close attention to detailed facial expressions, hand gestures and posture.  It contains a high powered computer system. And besides it role as a pet/companion, it can also serve as a surveillance camera or baby monitor.  A pair of 2 are priced at 598,000 yen or $5212 with delivery in fall or winter of 2019.

New Pet
Groove X says Lovot can't do housework but it can draw out your ability to love something adorable.  Lovot resembles a penguin and moves on wheels.  It uses artificial intelligence to interact with its environment.  It's a clear competitor for Sony's Aibo, the super robo-puppy.  Lovot shows affection for those who are kind to it, follows users when called, falls asleep when cuddled among other charming things.  Groove X says it's designed to make you happy and to build rapport between humans and robots,.  For more robotic and other innovation stories, go to amazon.com/author/ekane


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