China Sat for Global Internet & Broadband

China's Space Based Communications Network

Source:  China's  Satellite Launch 

China Goes Broadband in Space
It's called the Hongyun project.  It's space based, broadband communications innovation from China.  And, it's a first for them.  China's broadband delivering satellite is designed to provide broadband connectivity to users globally, especially in underserved regions.

Bottom-line:  Global Competition on Breakthrough New Communications Innovation
This is a concept of running a low-cost, high performance satellite network to provide space-based communications and internet services.  There are many innovation companies going for this opportunity including Google, SpaceX and Telesat. Space X CEO Elon Musk wants to put 12,000 satellites into orbit by 2020 to provide broadband and internet services globally.  It's his Starlink project.

China's Launch
China is a big competitor in this tech innovation race.  The Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation plans on many more missions and satellites.  This first project will verify basic design components on the Hongyun satellite and demonstrate capabilities on low band communications links. For more stories on innovation, go to


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