Important Innovations Collection: eBandage Accelerates Healing

New Electric Bandage that Dramatically Accelerates Healing

Source:  American Chemical Society

Chinese & US Scientists Team Up and Deliver
This is medical care innovation on the cutting edge.  Scientists and engineers from China's University of Electronic Science and Technology and the University of Wisconsin have developed a wearable, self-powered electric bandage that significantly cuts injury healing time.  Essentially down from 12 days to 3 days.

Non-healing Wounds
This is an important development. Non-healing wounds are a big global health problem.  They range from diabetic foot ulcers to non-healing surgical incisions.  Non-healing wounds put people at risk for infection, scarring and chronic pain.  For a news blog with details go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: eBandage Accelerates Healing: Innovation from a Global Team of Scientists   Source:  American Chemical Society New Electric Bandage Heals It's a self-powered, ...


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