Elon Musk Opens Loop

Musk's Test Tunnel to Move Cars Underground
Source:  Boring Company's Loop Lift tunnel

Plans for LA, Chicago, NYC and DC

Elon Musk's Boring Company just opened his Loop Lift tunnel in Hawthorne, California.  It's 1.14 miles long.  This is his innovative loop lift system designed to bypass what he calls "soul destroying" traffic jams.  Cars are elevated down to the tunnel.  They're put on the tracks and glide along.  This is a prototype test tunnel on the grounds of his Boring Company.  Musk foresees loop lift, underground tunnel systems throughout the US.

150 MPH Speeds
Musk says the vehicles can travel at speeds up to 150 miles per hour.  The system is designed to let people get off at various stops.  They and their cars are elevated back up to the ground.  Musk wants to dig a tunnel in Los Angeles to Dodgers Stadium; in Chicago to O'Hare Airport and from New York City to Washington, DC.  He says he'd like to charge $1 for shared ride vehicles and $4 for private cars. For more stories on important innovations, go to amazon.com/author/ekane


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