UBTECH of China's New Robotic AI Innovation

UBTECH's Two Advanced Robots Debuted at CES 2019

Source:  UBTECH's Walker

Walker and Cruzr
UBTECH has unveiled a pair of new, advanced robots.  They are new versions of the company's Walker bipedal humanoid robot and Cruzr.  Cruzr is a cloud-based, intelligent service robot.  The company says its performance and reliability have been greatly improved.  Walker, as you can see in the photo, now has arms and hands and seems to enjoy piano music. UBTECH is a leading, global AI and humanoid robotics company based in China. The new robots are enabled by advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology.

Retail Cruzr
Source:  UBTECH's Cruzr
Customers' Service Bot
UBTECH says the robots are specifically designed to enhance the home and retail environments. Cruzr has servo motors, a powerful processor and a redesigned audio chamber for better sound quality.  It's started working in retail stores in Europe to help customers.  It's available for sale globally.

Walker the Home Bot
Walker is a big "agile companion robot" that now can grasp and manipulate objects like soda cans and bottles.  It is 4.75 feet tall and weights 170 pounds.  It has 36 actuators and a full range of sensory systems.  The robot is equipped with smart home control and face and object recognition.  It also has multi-mode interaction with vision, voice and touch, making it a perceptive, interactive home assistant.  For more news stories on innovation, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane at amazon.com/author/ekane


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